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Upgrade Your Washrooms with Smart, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Advertising

Enhance customer experiences and unlock new revenue with our eco-friendly, ad-display faucets.

Transform Your Washrooms from Cost Centers to Profit Generators with VODXs Smart LCD Screen Faucets

In today's competitive market, every square inch of your venue needs to work harder—restrooms included. Traditional faucets rack up water bills and offer nothing back. Isn't it time your restrooms became more than just a maintenance checkpoint?

Enter VODXs—our cutting-edge LCD screen faucets not only save up to 70% on water usage but turn your restrooms into dynamic advertising platforms. Imagine every handwash generating revenue and enhancing guest experience with captivating, customizable content.

Our Features

Unlock the Multifaceted Benefits of Smart Hygiene Technology


Revenue Generation

With VODXs, your restrooms contribute to the bottom line. Display ads from third parties or promote your own specials and services directly to a captive audience.


Programmatic Advertising

Seamlessly integrate with your existing digital advertising strategy. Our system supports programmatic buying, allowing advertisers to dynamically place ads based on real-time data and targeting, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.



Achieve your green goals with our LEED-certified technology, significantly cutting down on water waste and energy costs.


Communication Tool

Communicate effectively with both employees and guests. Use the LCD screens to display important announcements, special offers, hygiene tips, or simply fun facts!

VODXs: Where Cleanliness Meets Innovation

  • Imagine transforming every washroom visit into a profit-making opportunity. With VODXs, your washrooms do more than just flush away expenses—they actively boost your bottom line. Display targeted ads or promotions on our high-impact screens and watch your revenue flow in as steadily as the water.

  • Slash your utility bills while saving the planet. Each VODXs faucet is a beacon of sustainability, engineered to minimize water waste and reduce energy consumption in washrooms. Proudly LEED-certified, our technology lets you showcase your commitment to the environment, making every drop count towards a greener future.

  • Step into the future of advertising with VODXs. Our smart faucets aren't just plumbing—they're a gateway to high-tech marketing in washrooms. Harness the power of programmatic advertising to deliver ultra-relevant ads at the perfect moment, ensuring your messages hit the mark every time with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Transform your ordinary faucets into powerful communication hubs in washrooms. With VODXs, each handwash becomes an opportunity to engage, inform, and connect. Display essential announcements, health reminders, or just fun facts right where your audience can't miss them—turning idle time into a dynamic information exchange.

  • Built to Last: Crafted with high-grade materials, our faucets withstand the toughest conditions in high-traffic washrooms. From scratch-resistant screens to impact-tested designs, VODXs faucets ensure long-lasting performance and security, minimizing maintenance and maximizing reliability

Ready to Transform Your Washrooms? Contact Us Today to Explore How VODXs Can Elevate Your Space and Drive Revenue.

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