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Engage Your Audience Where It Counts: VODXs Digital Advertising Faucets

Unlock the power of captive audience advertising with VODXs faucets. Our integrated high-definition displays offer a new frontier for your ads, reaching consumers during a daily, undistracted moment. Ideal for high-traffic washrooms in malls, airports, hotels, and more, VODXs faucets present a unique medium to capture attention and drive engagement.

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Our Features

What Makes VODXs Advertising Different?


High-Impact Visibility

Your ads are displayed on direct line-of-sight HD screens, ensuring maximum visibility during each handwashing session. Perfect for delivering strong call-to-actions and brand messages directly to a focused audience.


Engagement Analytics

With advanced tracking and analytics, measure the effectiveness of your ads in real-time. Gain insights into viewer engagement patterns and adjust your strategies to maximize impact.


Targeted Advertising

Programmatic technology allows you to target your ads based on specific venues, times, or events, optimizing your campaigns for the best possible engagement and ROI.


Clean-Side Advertising

Elevate your brand by advertising in a space committed to cleanliness and sophistication. VODXs faucets ensure your ads are displayed in an environment that reflects high standards of hygiene, keeping your message on the 'clean side' of washrooms. This not only enhances brand perception but also aligns with consumer preferences for clean and responsible spaces.

Advantages For Advertisers

Captive Audiences

Leverage moments of undivided attention as users engage with our faucets, providing a prime opportunity for your message to resonate.

Enhanced Direct Engagement

Maximize the impact of your advertising with VODXs faucets, where QR code scans and offer redemptions exceed typical benchmarks. Our unique platform not only captures attention but drives real action, turning viewers into customers by facilitating immediate interaction with your ads.

Creative Flexibility

Our digital platform supports dynamic content changes, allowing for creative campaigns that can be adjusted in real-time based on current trends or feedback.

Start transforming washroom downtimes into dynamic ad spots. Contact us today to learn how VODXs can amplify your advertising strategies.

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