The Visual On Demand Experience is the brainchild of the Scott Brown. His passion started in the late 90’s, in general contracting and plumbing design. After several patents and successful partnerships and licensing opportunities. Fast forward to 2011, the concept of VODXS was conceived as a Digital Display Water Faucet System with his co-founding partner Cory Galakatos. By 2012 a patent was issued, US D670,664 S, for the Visual On Demand Experience System.

It might not be all that obvious that a company who manufactures and distributes a patented faucet with an integrated LCD Screen world-wide would be in a position to disrupt the advertising industry through blockchain technologies, but often the best ideas come from outside their domains and strategic positioning of technology, relationships and locations.

VODXS is Universal Global Technology and media service provider, specializing in digital video advertising in stadiums, resorts, conference centers, casinos and other high traffic venues with the primary focus on “cleaning up” digital advertising with increased efficiency, transparency, cost reduction, and the elimination of fraud.

In the United States alone, there are more than 80 million plus faucets distributed across nearly 10 million public bathrooms. People wash their hands, on average, 6-10 times per day, amounting to 100s of billions of hand washing sessions annually in common area washrooms that would rapidly expands our reach, akin to shaving or drinking coffee, is something that nearly everyone does and therefore creates an intriguing opportunity to see how one might go about monetizing the practice.

In 2014, VODXS went mainstream with connected faucet. Deployed in various locations, including Caesars Harrah’s Casino Properties, streaming video ads was deemed a success during interviews with various people, and the establishment that bought the first units.

Today, more has over 1,000 active VODXSmartpoints are in 13 different countries with demand growing daily equaling over 17,000,000+ high value active engagements annually. Importantly, the team recognized the real power in their faucets and began to figure out how to connect them and, in the process, create a more effective means of advertising.

VODXS is committed to rapid expansion and market saturation, providing unique technology solutions that create revenue, measured and verifiable results, enhanced environments, promoting transactions and engagements.

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